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    CCISD 2020 Market, IMO.

2020 and the Chinese Corona Virus finds Clear Lake Real Estate in untested waters. Gloves, mask, wipe downs, social distancing have become the norm, for now. The market is still good overall, but the latest sales postings are from March. April will more than likely show a decline. One thing remains true, In order for your home to sell quickly, it needs to stand tall above the rest, and to be in market ready condition. I can help.  Moving into a more balanced market is a good thing. Selling for top dollar in a sellers market only leads to buying a replacement home in the same market. A balanced market, IMO, is always better.

    The "Debbie Difference"

So many Agents to choose from... Over 54188 agents and 11324 brokers listed in HAR (Houston Association of Realtors), and growing every day. How to pick one to represent you? Confusing, to say the least. You may have an old friend who just got their license, church friend, family friend of your mothers, or even a friend of a friend. Well, not all agents are created equal. Actually being a great, full time Realtor® takes a lot more time and effort. Extra classes, certifications, many, many transations completed, through knowledge of RE contracts, and so much more. Without giving away all my secrets, here are just a few of the Debbie Differences.

  • Thinking of buying?  Well, unless you’re an all cash buyer, you just can’t/shouldn’t just jump in.  Most sellers and seller agents require you to be “pre qualified” before they take you seriously.  “Smart” buyers agents won’t even put you in their car until you’ve been pre qualified.  That means your search should really start with finding a good lender.  Using my over 20 years experience in the Clear Lake Real Estate market I can suggest some of the best lenders.  These are lenders I personally know that can give you honest estimates on how much you can borrow, good rates, accurate estimates of closing cost, and will close you on time.  Too many can’t, and will only waste your time and disappoint you.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • Making an offer?  I can help you compete with all cash offers.
    • Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) certification and training
    • Certified Buyers Representative (CBR)
  • Thinking of selling?  What’s most important?  It’s always the price.  Yes, size, condition, and location determine the price, but there are many extenuating circumstances.  I’ve dealt with them all.  I can give you excellent pricing guidelines using my years of experience of buying and selling hundreds of homes in Clear Lake.
    • I use a professional photographer to take all my listing pictures to post online.
    • I can suggest a professional stager to make your property more sellable.  Sometimes, I can personally help you. Usually by suggesting you remove items and depersonalize, but a professional stager can work wonders.
    • I make SURE your property comes up correctly in the MLS, that the description is inviting and accurate and the pictures are always professional.  Don’t even ask me how many times I see the location wrong, bad description, and cell phone pictures.
  • Need work done before selling or after buying? Almost everyone does. I keep a list of contractors in every trade that do great work at a reasonable price. I’ve used them all many times, and they’ve never disappointed.
  • Writing the offer to buy or sell? Many new agents and part timers know how to fill in the blanks.  Writing a good offer is the basis of what you and the other party agree to. It’s important to get it right, and I will.

Just a few of the things I do on every transation. I'm always looking out for my clients. Trying to avoid pitfalls and make sure everything goes perfectly. Choosing me means choosing a FULL TIME Realtor® with over 20 years of experience that has always given my clients "Facts, not Fluff".

Homes are selling, prices are rising. Now is the time to sell your home. It's not enough to list your home, you must list correctly to sell.   The homes that are selling quickly in this market are priced correctly, in "Market Ready" condition, and marketed by a professional, full time, Realtor.    Now, more than ever, you need my help to navigate this difficult and rapidly changing market.    Call me today.


    Full Commission Listing:

    All of my listings have either sold or leased in the tough market years of 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Put my 20 years of experience to work for you. Selling may appear easy, but pitfalls abound.

    Too many homeowners want to be the "Realtor" and try to direct the sale of their home. They usually hire someone who tells them what they WANT to hear, not what they NEED to hear. Sorry, but that's not me. As a seller you need to have the facts, not fluff. I'll start you off in the right direction with the best chance of actually selling your home, and not just listing it. 

    Call or email me today. I'll analyze your home, do some comparable's, and give you the facts, not fluff. At least you'll know where you stand. Then we can both decide if we want to work with each other. I walk away from 2 out of 3 listing appointments. If you're not ready to accept the facts of the market, prepare your home for sale, and work with me to sell your home, then we can both not waste any more time. Remember, I'm not there to tell you what you WANT to hear, I'm going to tell you what you NEED to hear.

    Flat Fee Commission:

    I’m offering a Flat Fee Listing service for selected price range properties located within CCISD.

    Unlike others, my Flat Fee service is not a limited services listing.  It’s a full service listing with “Rules, Limitations and Boundaries” that will be fully explained with a written addendum shared at the listing interview.

    My Flat Fee service is your opportunity to get a first class, full service listing, for less.  A lot less.  Yes, I’m offering my 21 years of Clear Lake Real Estate premium service, 5 Star HAR rating, multiple certification services, at a discount.  We have far too little inventory in CCISD.  Especially in some price bands.  This is my personal effort to add available properties in those price ranges by lowering fees to sellers.

    My flat fees vary for different price ranges.

    For homes at or under $250,000 for more information, Click Here, or just give me a call at 281-910-2001.

    For homes $250,001 to $400,000, Click Here

    For homes $400,001 to $500,000, Click Here

    For homes $500,001 to $600,000, Click Here

    Expired or Terminated Listings
    I specialize in selling homes others can’t.

    Rather than typical marketing, I’ve developed an in-depth analysis of why homes that were on the market didn’t sell.    Sometimes I have to tell homeowners things that they don’t want to hear, but need to.    Every home I listed in the tough market years of 2010, 2009 & 2008 either sold or leased.   No expired listings!    It’s not magic, it’s just my years of experience selling hard to sell expired listings.    I know what it takes to sell your home.   If you want an honest evaluation of why your home didn’t sell, call or email me.   I can help.  .


    Let me show you how to win the bid, and conquer multiple offers.

    Understanding the current market, and how it affects the price range of homes that are of interest to you, are more important than ever.    I can save you so much time wasted by making offers that have zero chance of being accepted, and looking at homes that really don't meet your criteria.    In this difficult market you need my help more than ever.

    I’m a Certified Buyers Representative and Graduate of the Real Estate Institute in addition to being a Realtor.    I have many tools to find the perfect home for you.   When we find it, I’ll be a tough negotiator to get you the best price and terms.   There are many pitfalls to buying a home.   I know them all, do you?    I can save you countless hours and find the very best deal for you in the area you want.    I’ve worked all over Houston, but specialize in the Clear Lake area.    My service is free to buyers.   Why would you want to do it any other way?    Call or email me with your needs.

281-910-2001 or

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